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Kill Arman (Reality TV/Martial Arts Documentary Series)
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Kill Arman (Reality TV/Martial Arts Documentary Series)
Struggling to find links for any or all full episodes of "Kill Arman", either Season 1 or 2. Think the first season is dubbed in Finnish. It's the story of an Iranian tailor living in Finland with no martial training whatsoever who goes around the world at his own expense challenging martial arts masters from various disciplines to a fight. Then gets the shit kicked out of him.

Quote:KILL ARMAN is a 10-episode martial arts travel show. It tells the fish-out-of-water story of Arman Alizad, an average man in his mid 30s who is lazy, out of shape and loves his cozy life. Arman has no previous martial arts experience. He now has only six months to train before facing the ultimate challenge: battling 10 warriors of 10 different martial arts skills in 10 different countries around the world, with only his martial arts skills to protect him.

Would appreciate any links from any host. So far I've come up blank. But then, I am to link-hunting what Arman is to MMA, so I'm not entirely surprised. Would be much obliged if anyone can help.
2011-06-14 17:29:18
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